Experiences from years of swimming with the whales

See you at the cavern

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” ― Eckhart Tolle, Photos by Erez Beatus and Alegra ally   And I thought that I have seen it all... Freedived the best spots, the most amazing drop offs, with...

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Tonga 2014- By Anita Ong

Here is a great article from Anita's blog about her experiences from our Freediving and Whale encounters trip Anita has joined us on the 10 day trip and has brought an amazing photography and Videography setup including a RED Scarlet camera!...

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Tonga 2013 – By Phil Davison

Phil Davison has joined our 13 day trip in 2013 as part of a FreeDiving group from Melbourne. He is an avid Photographer and FreeDiver. Read about his experiences here:...

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Tonga 2012 reflections

Oh Whale... Reflections from a FreeDiving trip to Tonga We have been dreaming about this trip for the past year. The first few weeks since we returned from Tonga last September were full of whale dreams, blue water and white sands... when will we swim with the whales...

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Tonga 2011 Expressions

Caught speechless... It started off as a great morning - Woke up to the sounds of gentle waves against the white sand just below our Fale (Bungalow). After a quick breakfast, stretching and a briefing for the coming day’s diving we met on the beach with our gear. An...

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