What our guests say

If your passion or dream involves being immersed in an ocean of clear, turquoise blue water, sharing many exquisite moments with humpback whales, observing an endless array of healthy marine life, eating fantastic island food whilst sharing the day’s events with a great group of people and waking up each morning knowing you are about to embark on another wonderful adventure, then this trip is for you! Whether you can dive 30cm or 30 meters, Erez and Ally will ensure this experience is one you’ll thank yourself for taking. They welcomed us warmly with an effervescent energy of passion, fun and a desire to show us the beauty of Tonga whilst giving very professional and insightful freedive training to suit individual levels. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants an everlasting smile on the outside as well as on the inside!!


when you look into a whales eye as it swims close by you instantly feel the trip has been worthwhile, it gives you a feeling of how amazing these creatures are, this is even without other interactions with them, diving in local caves, swim throughs and experiencing 40m visibility, these other things merely then become a bonus


Going on a freediving trip to Tonga with Apnea Australia is by far the best holiday I’ve had. It had a great mix of fun and training/learining for all levels of freediving experience. Erez and Ally were flexible with day to day activies and we had heaps of options…..but most of all we got up close and personal with the humpback whales – a once in a lifetime experience. I highly recommend this trip to any ocean enthusiasts!


This expedition was absolutely beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Not only was the location fantastic, not only did we have the opportunity to swim and dive with humpback whales at arms’ reach, but: the way Erez and Ally from Apnea Australia took care of everything really turned the whole experience into something luxurious you will never want to forget. If you can only do one trip this year, that is the one you want to enjoy. I wish I could join them again, and I know that one day, I will.